Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feedback is gooood

One of the things that helps us improve Revit Market is feedback. I've been fortunate enough to be contacted directly by a couple of early users with their comments. Here are some of them.

Comment: When I click the graphic links on the Marketplace tab, all I get is max, 3ds, lwo, dxf files.
Response: In the next revision of this page, all links will go to RFA content. The next revision will be up in the next couple of weeks.

Comment: Some of the content is polygonal in origin. It looks like it was imported from DXF files.
Response: True. Some of the RFA files that were posted long ago, before Revit Market was launched, are polygonal. We are working on getting that content updated, removed, or left in the 3D Models media type where it won't come up unless you specifically search for polygonal content. 

Comment: Who is responsible for problems caused by incorrect data?
Response: Our End User License Agreement stipulates that all responsibility for accuracy and appropriate usage of downloaded content lies with the buyer or user, and that the creator/seller is not in any way responsible. 

Do you have feedback you'd like to give? Add a comment here, or email me at

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